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What is engrish?

This is the way that some Oriental people pronounce "English," because the "L" sound is difficult for them. It has become a joke meaning poorly-translated English that is unintentionally humorous. Full Answer

Why highway look shiny at some angle?

sun water water ray bounce sun light shinr pond lily! mind blow! sorry for my bad engrish but i only just moved from jamescapia! fatesd answe jamescaptrian speekeers jjajdieopskjf skdjeorfhdoasd skdyheitmeue ajsjdseoek Full Answer

Does Canada speaks spanish or English?

Quebec is the only truly bilingual province. They speak french and spanish. The rest of the provinces east speak what is called torontonian a local Ontario dialect. Farther east they speak Newfanese, a gailec type of English. To the west… Full Answer