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How was Jesus Christ generous?

He went out of his way to heal and teach people. The word "everyone" may seem small, but when you see where it applies (Jesus healed everyone who was sick in the town) you can appreciate the enormity of the… Full Answer

2 functions of DNA?

The functions of DNA are vital for inheritance, coding for proteins and the genetic blueprint of life. Given the enormity of DNA's functions in the human body and its responsibility for the growth and maintenance of life. (Explore DNA) For… Full Answer

Who is evil Goku?

Evil Goku is the main character in a part of the fan made fictional comic Dragon Ball AF. He turns SSJ5, one level further from SSJ4, and the enormity of the power is so much that Goku cannot control the… Full Answer

How are new cabinet departments established?

New cabinet departments are established when Congress passes legislation creating the department. For example after the 9-11 attacks at President Bush's urging The Department of Homeland Security was formed. It took the Congress less than a year to conceive, draft… Full Answer