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What is an ephemeris?

An ephemeris is a table that gives the positions of celestial bodies at regularly timed intervals. There is evidence of their use from the fourth century BCE, and they are still an essential tool for aviators and navigators. Self-taught astronomer… Full Answer

How to find birth STAR?

There are generally stars related to certain degrees of a zodiac sign. Those closest to the degree of one's own Sun sign are the birth stars. There are ephemeris for finding such placements that can be found online or bought. Full Answer

What stars are near Ganymede?

The Sun. The next star is 4.3 light years away. If you mean "what stars appear to be near Ganymede in the sky", it varies; Jupiter (and therefore Ganymede) moves relative to the stars so you'd need to consult an… Full Answer

Is there any truth in Astrology?

No. ALTERNATIVE ANSWER: Yes, there is many truths in Astrology - . The most basic one is the fact that planets and stars are moving in a relative pattern and we can easily correlate the cycle of one celestial object… Full Answer