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What does PFE mean as a Sexual abbreviation?

The posterior fornix erogenous (PFE) zone is similar to the anterior fornix erogenous (AFE) zone (an area from the end of the vaginal canal downward about two thirds to the opening) but on the opposite wall. The PFE is a… Full Answer

Are boobs a sexual organ?

For most people (men and women!) the nipples are "erogenous zones" -- which is a fancy way of saying they are parts of your body that trigger a sexual response. The mouth is another erogenous zone. That's why most people… Full Answer

How does a circumcision help you?

It does not help you at all. The foreskin is an important part of the proper function of the penis. and in its own right a major erogenous zone with more then 20.000 nerves dedicated to sexual pleasure. Full Answer

What is a womans most sensitive erogenous zone?

Erogenous zones are ares of the body that when caressed gently will invoke heightened sexual urges, ultimately leading to sexual intercourse. The most common E-zones for women are: Inner thighs and behind the knees Neck Ears lobes Breast/nipples Lips Full Answer

Best way to turn a guy on?

There isn't really a "best way" to turn a guy on, because all guys react differently to touch. Learn what he likes the most by touching/caressing his erogenous zones. What's an erogenous zone, you ask? Erogenous zone- An erogenous zone… Full Answer

Why is spanking good?

If you're talking about erotic spanking between consenting adults, you're talking about an "erogenous zone" -- a part of the body that triggers or enhances sexual arousal when stimulated. The buttocks are frequently an erogenous zones, as are the lips… Full Answer

Why men like to wear panties?

What the hell is wrong with you? Nothing! Your penis is an "erogenous zone", which is a fancy way of saying that when it's stimulated, you get turned on. Most of us have lots of erogenous zones -- that's why… Full Answer