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What is esoteric folklore?

I have never heard of esoteric folklore so I would assume that is the folklore surrounding esotericism. The reason I have reservations about this is because esoteric practices were secretive by nature and therefore wouldn't accumulate folk beliefs and stories… Full Answer

What 11 letter words or phrases can you make using these letters i s d m r e c o i n t?

centimeters, centromeres, centromeric, centrosomes, cimetidines, coccidioses, coccidiosis, codirection, codirectors, coincidence, comediennes, commissions, commitments, commodities, commonsense, concentered, concernment, concertinos, concessions, conciseness, concoctions, concrescent, concretions, concretisms, concretists, condescends, conditioned, conditioner, condottiere, condottieri, connections, consciences, consistence, constricted, constrictor, contentions, contentment, continences, contortions, contritions… Full Answer

What is the definition of the suffix ism?

The suffix -ism means 'self-being or self-seeking'. Examples are abolitionism abolitionisms absenteeism absenteeisms absolutism absolutisms abstractionism abstractionisms absurdism absurdisms academicism academicisms academism academisms achromatism achromatisms acrotism acrotisms actinism actinisms activism activisms adoptianism adoptianisms adoptionism adoptionisms adventurism adventurisms aeroembolism aeroembolisms aestheticism… Full Answer

Words that end with -ism?

Here are all the words that end in -ism abolitionism absenteeism absolutism abstractionism absurdism academicism academism achromatism acrotism actinism activism adoptianism adoptionism adventurism aeroembolism aestheticism ageism agism agnosticism agrarianism alarmism albinism alcoholism aldosteronism algorism alienism allelism allelomorphism allomorphism alpinism altruism… Full Answer

Name all religions?

Bábism Bahá'í Faith Christianity Catholicism Anglicanism Assyrian Church of the East Eastern Orthodox Church Oriental Orthodox Church Roman Catholic Church Protestantism Pre-Lutheran Protestant Hussites Waldensians Adventism African Initiated Church Anabaptists Baptists Brethren British Israelism Catholic Apostolic Church (Irvingites) Charismatic movement… Full Answer

List of Latin words deum with English derivatives?

Latin nouns and adjectivesCitation formDeclining stemMeaningEnglish derivativeacerbusacerb-bitteracerbicacētumacēt-vinegaraceticaedificiumaedifici-buildingedificealaceralacr-quickalacrityalbusalb-whitealbino, albumaliusali-otheralias, alienanimaanim-soul, lifeanimal, animateanimusanim-mind, angeranimosityannusann-yearannual, annuityānserānser-gooseanserineaquaaqu-wateraquamarine, aquaticaudāxaudāc-brave, boldaudaciousaurisaur-earauralavisavi-birdavian, aviarybellumbell-warantebellum, bellicose, belligerencebonus - melior - optimusbon- - melior- - optim-good - better - bestbonus - ameliorate - optimistbōsbov-cow, oxbovinebutyrumbutyr-butterbutyriccalxcalc-stonecalculuscaniscan-dogcanid, caninecervīxcervīc-neckcervical, cervixcīviscīv-citizencivil, civilianclāviculaclāvicul-little keyclavicleconiūnxconiug-spouseconjugalcornūcorn-hornCapricorn, unicorndeusde-goddeity… Full Answer

Words that the 3rd letter is o?

bioautographic stoopingly amok flocculants reorganization plosive propamidine phonoscopes idolized pronouncement emotionlessness ikonic evolutionistic stomodeums troubadours atonal reobtaining phosphoarginine booklists spokeswoman scouters anophthalmos knocks anoetic spoils anodising broomie scooped neoclassical anomia choosiness cookhouses projets prosurrender troublesome bromidrosis elocute provirus provincially shoats… Full Answer