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How old is etana?

Etana was listed on the Sumerian King's List as a ruler of Kish for approximately 1500 years. There is some degree of uncertainty in the translation of the dates on the List, where the number might actually be half that… Full Answer

Is Jamie Foxx coming to Aruba?

Jamie Foxx already has been to Aruba! He shared the stage with Robin Thicke, Estelle, and Caribbean favorite Etana for Aruba's Ninth Annual Soul Beach Music Festival. The Festival took place from May 20-25, 2009. Jamie Foxx did a live… Full Answer

Who was ganymede?

In Greek mythology, Ganymede (Greek: Γανυμήδης, Ganymēdēs) is a divine hero whose homeland was Troy. Homer describes Ganymede as the most beautiful of mortals. He was the son of Tros of Dardania, from whose name "Troy" was supposed to derive… Full Answer