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Is drawing dragons hard?

Yes. As dragons are mythical creatures there are no dragon skeletons for us to study, and no living models to work from. Add to that there are several "kinds" of dragons found throughout the history of illustration. The winged dragon… Full Answer

What shape is a dragon?

I depends on what species of dragon it is. For example, a Chinese Fire/Shadow/Devil dragon is long, flexible, and has no legs/arms. While a Chinese Water dragon is long, flexible, and has arms and legs. European Dragons are the basic… Full Answer

Where can you find Dragon Horns?

Dragons are considered legendary creatures and therefore it is not possible to find a dragon horn. Most of dragons, in legends, did not have horns with the exception of some Asiatic dragons or in some rare European tales. Sometimes, dinosaurs… Full Answer

Is a dragon a mammal or reptile?

In European Legends they're said to look reptalic, but it contridicts other European legends about them. Reptiles are cold blooded and dragons couldn't have been cold blooded because they were said to live on snowy mountains, where it'd be too… Full Answer

Can you make real dragon wings and fly?

No you cannot, unless you have real dragon wings. - A dragon is a fictional creature. As there were never any dragons it would be hard to copy something that never existed. The closest thing to it would be winged… Full Answer

What is a name for a dragon?

Depends on what kind of dragon. For a frost/water dragon: Sapphire Tide Ice The name of any ocean/sea Megophias(after the last officially sighted water dragon in 1860...supposedly) Nessie/Shirley/any other 'Loch Ness Monster'-type creature's name(Some believe that these are really water… Full Answer

What are the hybrid dragons in DragonVale?

As of May 2012, these are all the hybrid DragonVale dragons: Blazing Dragon Bloom Dragon Blue Fire Dragon Bone Dragon Brass Dragon Butterfly Dragon Cactus Dragon Chrome Dragon Clover Dragon Crystal Dragon Current Dragon Dodo Dragon Firefly Dragon Flower Dragon… Full Answer