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What does ex nihilo mean?

In Latin it means "out of nothing". The doctrine of the creation "ex nihilo", is about creation out of nothing. Answer Ex nihilo is Latin for "out of nothing". Conservative Christians have traditionally interpreted the Genesis creation stories as portraying… Full Answer

What is a good acrostic for Greece?

I was looking for one too so I will make one for the both of us T_T (and other people) Greece, you are gods and you are mortals; Realm of Athens, land of Sparta Euclid's drawingboard, Orpheus's portal; Eroica is… Full Answer

Is the word ex a pronoun?

No, the word 'ex' is an informal word (slang) for ex-wife, ex-girlfirend, ex-husband, or ex-boyfriend. As an informal word, ex is a noun (not a pronoun), a word for a person. Full Answer