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How bad is gta sa?

If you are thinking about its content, well it has violence, bad language and sexual content, which is why it is adult-rated, and quite rightly so. But as far as gameplay goes, it is an excellent game - highly recommended… Full Answer

What is

At you can find the best websites in world filtered out by certain specific criterias.a group of analysts and engineers who selected and filtered out excellent websites important conditions on which websites were filtered out were Excellence of Content… Full Answer

Who has the highest metabolic rate?

Basal metabolic rate is determined by 4 factors: Height, weight, age and gender. It is also dependent on the physical fitness and muscle content of the person. Tall males with a high muscle content and excellent physical fitness would have… Full Answer

Why should you play Rage?

From a technical standpoint, you should play it because it is one of the best running games on consoles, and looks absoultely stunning on a gaming computer. From a gamer view, because it is an excellent game, the shooting is… Full Answer