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What is the square mileage of Australia?

Australia's 7,617,930 square kilometres (2,941,299 sq. mi) landmass is on the Indo-Australian Plate. Surrounded by the IndianOcean and Pacific oceans, Australia is separated from Asia by the Arafura and Timor seas. Australia has a total 34,218 kilometres (21,262 mi) of… Full Answer

How much sea does Mexico own?

Territorial sea: 12 nautical miles (nm) from the shore. Contiguous zone: 24 nm from the shore. Exclusive economic zone: 200 nm from the shore. Continental shelf: 200 nm or to the edge of the continental margin. Full Answer

What is meant by Australia's EEZ?

It means Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone. "Exclusive Economic Zones and the Continental Shelf Law of the Sea dictates that the area extending up to 200 nautical miles from a state's coast is it's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). EEZs are zones… Full Answer