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Meaning of heinous crime?

Heinous means, shocking, evil, monstrous, grave, awful, vicious, outrageous, revolting, infamous, hideous, unspeakable, atrocious, flagrant, odious, hateful, abhorrent, abominable, villainous, nefarious, iniquitous, execrable an example of a Heinous crime would be to murder somneone, dismember them and canabalize their remains… Full Answer

What is a 9 letter word starting with e and ending with e?

eliminate eradicate elaborate electrode elucidate enclosure encourage endocrine endurance enrapture enunciate enumerate enviable epitomize equitable eradicate erstwhile espionage euthanize estimable etiquette evaporate eventuate evocative execrable exclusive excoriate exculpate excusable executive existence exonerate expansive expatiate expensive expertise explicate explosive exquisite extensive… Full Answer