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Definition of facet?

In anatomy, a facet is a classification of bones according to their bone surface features. A facet is a small, flat, articular surface.

What is moderate facet arthropathy?

Moderate facet arthropathy is arthritis in the facet joints. Most people that have this will complain of pain in their lower back. Facet joints are joint structures that connect the vertebrae to each other.

What is facet capsular ligament?

facet (or zygopophysial) ligaments surround the posterior aspect of the facet (or zygopophysial) joints of the spine. they function to strengthen the joint and give extra support. facet joints of the spine are also known as posterior intevertebral joints.

What is Degenerative facet joint changes?

Facet joints are the joints which connect the vertebrae to one another. Degeneration of the facet joints is commonly caused by arthritis and is a cause of pain and loss of mobility.