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Who is zyuubi?

Its "Jyubi"According to legend :Jyubi was a Ten Tailed Demon.Who tried to destroy the World which was captured and controlled by the Rikudou Sannin.Then he divided that Ten Tailed Demon into nine tailed Demons.such as one tailed, two tailed and… Full Answer

How many tailed beast do Naruto have?

He has only one Which is the last 9-tailed Demon fox .Jinchuriki means 'the host of tailed beast'.In Naruto world only 1 tailed beast can be sealed per person. So Naruto has one which is the Nine tailed fox.Sora was… Full Answer

Who are all the tailed beasts? Gaara - 1 tailed Shukaku Yugito Nii - 2 tailed Monster Cat Yagura - 3 tailed Giant Turtle Roshi - 4 tailed monkey Han - 5 tailed Dolphin Horse Utakata - 6 tailed slug Fu - 7 tailed Horned… Full Answer

Who are the nine jinchuuriki?

1. Gaara who possess the one-tailed shukaku. 2. Yugito Nii who possess the two-tailed monster cat. 3. Yagura who possess the three-tailed giant turtle. 4. Roshi who possess the four-tailed monkey. 5. Han who possess the five-tailed dolphin horse. 6… Full Answer

Who are all the jinchuuriki?

gaara:[(the 5th Kazekage)(son of the 4th Kazekage)] 1 tailed sand demon yugito nii: 2 tailed panther yagura: 3 tailed turtle Roshi: 4 tailed ape Han: 5 tailed dolphin-horse Utakata: 6 tailed slug Fu: 7 tailed horned-beetle Killer bee(4th Raikage's younger… Full Answer

Who are the nine jinchuriki from Naruto?

Amaru: Holds the Zero Tailed Masked Leech (Not an official tailed beast and only appears in Naruto Shippuden Movie 2) Gaara: Holds the One-Tailed Shakaku Yugito: Holds the Two-Tailed Monster Cat Yagura: Holds the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle Rōshi: Holds the… Full Answer