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What is sado-masochism?

A form of perversion marked by enjoyment of cruelty and/or humiliation in its received or active and/or dispensed and passive form. It is named for the Marquis de Sade of France, who was known for his sadistic acts. Full Answer

Who is a person who likes the feeling of pain?

This is called "masochism", an abnormal psychological condition that seeks stimulation from behavioral or physical punishment. The individual is called a "masochist". This is somewhat comparable to "sadism", which similarly seeks stimulation or enjoyment from the infliction of physical pain… Full Answer

What are some of the symptoms of masochism?

Symptoms.Signs of Masochism can be all sorts of things. If a person has this, they could get different reactions from others e.i. Loving the sight of Blood, or loving people being tortured. Things like that. But I don't really know… Full Answer

What is the difference between masochism and sadomasochism?

Sadism is the condition of enjoying causing pain in others. Masochism is the condition of enjoying having pain inflicted. Sadomasochism is the condition of a relationship between Sadists and Masochists. One person who enjoys inflicting pain, another who enjoys receiving… Full Answer