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What is dynamics of fermentation? I hope that helps Full Answer

What has the author Donald Voet written?

Donald Voet has written: 'Biochemistry 1993 Supplement' '(WCS)Biochemistry 3rd Edition with Powerpoints for University of South Florida' 'Fundamentals of biochemistry' -- subject(s): Biochemistry, Textbooks, Biochimie 'Biochemistry' -- subject(s): Biochemistry 'Solutions manual to accompany Biochemistry' -- subject(s): Biochemistry, Problems, exercises 'Take… Full Answer

Who is Carl Neuberg?

CARL NEUBERG was the first known German Chemist who used the term Biochemistry for the first time in 1903.He was born in 1877.He worked on the transportation systems (carbohydrates, amino acids, fermentation etc). By Farah Ahmad. Full Answer

Significance of biochemistry?

Biochemistry can be described as the science related with the chemical basis of life. Biochemistry explains life in terms of bio chemical reactions. The study of biochemistry is significant in drug discovery, nutrition, agriculture, physiology, genetics, and immunology. Full Answer