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What is nuclear breeding?

This means the breeding of fissile material from non-fissile. Thus for example Pu239 results from irradiating U238 which is not fissile. Thorium can also be used to breed fissile uranium.

Why were breeder reactors developed?

Breeder reactors were developed to allow use of non-fissile or fertile fuel, such as uranium-238 and thorium-232, instead of fissile fuel, such as uranium-235 and plutonium-239. They do have fissile fuel in them, but they use its neutron flux to… Full Answer

Is uranium a special element?

Uranium is a radioactive element; the isotope 235 is fissile with thermal neutrons; the isotope 238 is not so fissile but is fertile (transformation in the fissile isotope plutonium 239). Consequently, uranium is a good nuclear fuel and also can… Full Answer

How does an atomic bomb explode?

The fissile fuel is packaged in the bomb as a subcritical mass. The fusing system detects the preset firing condition. A firing pulse is sent from the fusing system to the rapid assembly system. The rapid assembly system uses explosives… Full Answer

Can we reuse nuclear energy?

You can't reuse energy after it has been used-this applies whether nuclear or not. What you can do with nuclear power is to breed useful fissile material such as plutonium from non-fissile uranium-238. However to separate out the plutonium is… Full Answer