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Does astound mean amaze?

Yes. Some other words for astound are, amaze, astonish, stagger, surprise, startle, stun,confound, dumbfound, boggle, stupefy, shock, daze, take aback, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast; informal flabbergast, blow away, bowl over,floor. Full Answer

What rhymes with outcasts?

outcast - aghast, avast, Belfast, blast, cast, caste, contrast, fast, last, mast, miscast, outlast, past, rat-arsed, unsurpassed, vast - steadfast - lightfast - holdfast - sunfast - colourfast - flabbergast - simulcast - telecast - typecast - forecast - broadcast… Full Answer

What rhymes with past?

blast,cast caste fast gassed last mast passed past sassed vast aghast amassed at last bomb cast broadcast contrast downcast forecast full blast gymnast halfmast harassed miscast newscast outcast outclasssed outlast snadblast steadfast surpassed typecasty all star cast flabbergast overcast telecast… Full Answer

Can you give me some good dog names?

It depends on how the dog looks, its personality and its gender. Here's a few names which might help you with your search for dog names.TrixieSpotMurphyShardyAlexiaLeafDaizyTulipRoseFletcherMillyMaxSeamusScorchBalzeBlendSlurpButter NutPeanutFlabbergastPerfectionCookiesApplePearPeachMangoCrem BruleeHope this helped you :) :) :) :) :) :) Full Answer

What are all the words for surprise?

NOUN: abruptness, amazement, astonishment, astoundment, attack, awe, bewilderment, bombshell, consternation, curiosity, curveball, disappointment, disillusion, epiphany, eureka, eye-opener, fortune, godsend, incredulity, jolt, kick, marvel, miracle, miscalculation, phenomenon, portent, precipitance, precipitation, precipitousness, prodigy, rarity, revelation, shock, start, stupefaction, suddenness, thunderbolt, unexpected, unforeseen… Full Answer

Who are the dragonslayers?

"Dragonslayers" are the best soccer team in the whole World. Its Composed of "THE FANTASTIC 4".Which are Andres Zamora AKA "JR", Josue Estrada AKA "Josh", Elieser Zamora AKA "Lizer", and last but surely not the least, Abner Estrada AKA "Ham"… Full Answer