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Where can one purchase national flood insurance?

Flood insurance can be purchased from the government from the national flood insurance program (NFIP). If your community participates you can purchase flood insurance from your insurance agencie through the national flood insurance program.

Who can get flood insurance?

Anyone. You don't have to own the property in order to get flood insurance. The waiting period for flood insurance is 30 days, unless the insurance coverage is required from your bank.

Is flood insurance a government service?

Yes, flood insurance can be purchased through the federal government. However, it can also be purchased as a rider to some homeowners insurance policies. You will want to compare homeowners insurance quotes then compare them to the flood coverage offered… Full Answer

Where can flood insurance rated be compared?

Flood insurance rates can be compared from a number of websites such as Floodsmart. The website Floodsmart provides site visitors with detailed information and comparisons on numerous insurance companies.