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What is Flowcytometry?

Flow cytometry is a method for quarantining components or structural features of cells primarily by optical means. Although it makes measurements on one cell at a time, it can process thousands of cells in a few seconds. Since different cell… Full Answer

What are the tests for leptospirosis?

One test uses flow cytometry light scatter analysis; this method can evaluate a sample of infected serum in as little as 90 minutes. A second technique is an IgM-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), which detects the presence of IgM antibodies Full Answer

What is flow transducer?

A Flow Transducer is also known as a flow senser. A flow senser is used to sense the flow rate a fluid flows or flow logger to record the flow of the fluids that run through them. Full Answer

What is tortuous flow?

Answer #1: it is complicated flow ======================== Answer #2: Tortuous flow is flow along a path with many twists, turns, and bends in it. The term refers to the path of the flow, and I think the flow itself may… Full Answer