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What are the types of caddies?

There is only really two, the caddy who carries the bag and the forecaddy, who ball spots in practice rounds and cleans the clubs before play (forecaddies aren't too common anymore). Full Answer

What are some words containing the root word cad or cas?

cas: abacas alpacas anasarcas angelicas antimacassar antimacassars arabicas arecas armonicas arnicas audiocassette audiocassettes ayahuascas backcast backcasts barrancas basilicas bibliothecas bookcase bookcases botanicas braincase braincases brassicas briefcase briefcases broadcast broadcasted broadcaster broadcasters broadcasting broadcasts cacas carcase carcases carcass carcasses cardcase cardcases… Full Answer

What is a 11 letter word with the tenth letter e?

abbreviated, abbreviates, aberrancies, abhorrences, abiogeneses, absolutized, absolutizes, absorbances, abstinences, absurdities, accelerated, accelerates, accentuated, accentuates, acceptances, accessaries, accessioned, accessories, acclivities, accompanied, accompanies, accomplices, accordances, accumulated, accumulates, accusatives, achondrites, acidophiles, acoelomates, acridnesses, acropolises, acrylamides, actinolites, actinometer, actinomyces, actualities, acutenesses, adeptnesses, adiposities, adjacencies… Full Answer