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Where do mountain wolves live?

there isn't really such thing as a mountain wolf. wolves live in the forest or in the arctic. they do not live on steep rocky mountains but do live in mountains with forest. Full Answer

What is a four stanza poem?

It is a poem that has four verses (stanzas). a stanza is like a verse in a song.a four stanza poem can be ryhming or free verse depending on your preference.but realy u dont now what a four stanza poem… Full Answer

Does anything eat wolves?

Yes, wolves in the Rocky mountain and yellow stone area have one common preditor. Theese wolves have to fear sascwatch! He normally eats wolves like french fries. Full Answer

What do mountain wolves eat?

The northern Rocky Mountain wolf preys primarily on the American bison, Rocky Mountain elk, the Rocky Mountain mule deer, and the North American beaver, though it is an opportunistic animal and will prey upon other species if the chance arises. Full Answer