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Who are the best French female singers?

Some of the best female French singers of all-time are Regine Crespin, Edith Piaf, and Frederica Von Stade. Also on the list are Camille, Emilie Simon, and Mireille Mathieu.

Who are some modern female opera singers?

To name a few - Renée Fleming - American soprano. Cecilia Bartoli - Italian mezzo-soprano. Deborah Voigt - American soprano. Natalie Dessay - French soprano. Frederica von Stade - American mezzo-soprano.

Famous mezzo soprano singers?

Grace Bumbry, Marilyn Horne, Shirley Verrett, Stephanie Blythe, Agnes Baltsa, Frederica von Stade, Cecilia Bartoli, Rita Gorr, Janet Baker, Teresa Berganza, Elina Garanca, Jennifer Larmore, and many more.

Who is a famous mezzo soprano?

Some of the most notable mezzo-sopranos of the last century are: Marilyn Horne Stephanie Blythe Agnes Baltsa Frederica von Stade Cecilia Bartoli Janet Baker Teresa Berganza Elina Garanca Hilda Harris Jennifer Larmore Conchita Supervia Susan Graham Magdalena Kozena Christa Ludwig… Full Answer

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