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Where can you find the Kahootz fonts?

The kahootz fonts are part of a software called "Kahootz". This software is normally found on school servers for education purposes. Without purchasing the product "Kahootz" there is no legal way of obtaining these fonts. -Sorry Full Answer

How do you type the peso sign?

Unless you have a Filipino language keyboard, the Philippines Peso symbol can be obtained by copying (cut-paste) if it appears on another page. It is ₱ and does not appear in some fonts. It is (U+20B1), in version 3.2 of… Full Answer

Does the Amazon Kindle support Malayalam?

Yes the new kindle (paperwhite) support unicode. So All unicode fonts are supported. I read all malayalam& tamil newspapers using the paperwhite. Bit difficult with the experimental browser included. I use Calibre to fetch the news from all websites and… Full Answer