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What has the author Mitchell Greenberg written?

Mitchell Greenberg has written: 'Subjectivity and subjugation in seventeenth-century drama and prose' -- subject(s): History, Power (Social sciences) in literature, Politics and literature, Psychoanalysis and literature, History and criticism, Sex role in literature, French literature, Subjectivity in literature, Classicism, Patriarchy… Full Answer

What has the author Evelyne Ender written?

Evelyne Ender has written: 'Architexts of memory' -- subject(s): Autobiographical memory in literature, Autobiography, Autobiography in literature, Comparative Literature, Criticism and interpretation, English Autobiographical fiction, English and French, French Autobiographical fiction, French and English, History and criticism, Literature and science… Full Answer

What has the author Bill Overton written?

Bill Overton has written: 'Fictions of female adultery, 1684-1890' -- subject(s): Adultery in literature, Comparative Literature, English and French, English fiction, French and English, French fiction, History and criticism, Literature, Comparative, Women in literature '\\' 'The unofficial Trollope' -- subject(s)… Full Answer