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What is an ach-laut?

An ach-laut is the grammatical name for the voiceless velar fricative, most often used in reference to the German language, in words such as Bach, but also in other languages. Full Answer

What noise do waves make?

There are countless descriptions of the sounds waves make. They can crash onto the shore, they can boom, they can lap, they can have a sibilant or fricative whisper. There is no specific name for the sounds made by waves… Full Answer

What are the affricates?

A complex speech sound consisting of a stop consonant followed by a fricative; for example, the initial sounds of child and joy. Also called affricative. Read more: Full Answer

How do you beat bass?

First create a vocal bass line, and then add hyper-articulated voiced alveolar plosive and aspiration on beats 1 and 3 (in 4/4 time) /dm/ as well as adding a snare drum of a plosive voiceless velar /k/ or plosive voiceless… Full Answer