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Is a frogman an animal?

No, the frogman is not an animal. The frogman is a comedian that claims to still live in his parents basement and writes a blog.

Is a frogman a animal?

Yes. A frogman is a type of diver, one who wears a heavy suit and is connected by an air hose to the surface. Thus a frogman is a human, and humans are animals.

What is Clarence Frogman Henry famous for?

Clarence "Frogman" Henry was a rhythm and blues musician. He was recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of fame for his contribution to the genre. In addition, he is famous for opening for the Beatles at a number of their concerts.

What kind of work does a frogman do?

The term frogman is generally associated with underwater divers. There are many jobs performed by these individuals, including rescue and recovery work, work on off-shore oil drilling structures, and aqua logging.