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What is the fulcrum?

FULCRUM A fulcrum is the support point for a lever used to raise or lower something. Basically, THE POINT AROUND WHICH A LEVER MOVES, IS CALLED FULCRUM. An easy way to understand what a fulcrum means is the point in… Full Answer

What is Falcrum?

fulcrum is a machine. it has an inter technology that can supervise you on tasks. a fulcrum is mostly used by scientists. (falcrum) is not the right way to spell. its original organisational is fulcrum* Full Answer

What is Fulcrum in a sentence?

A Fulcrum is a simple machine invented by the greek mathematician Archimedes who theorized that with a large enough fulcrum one could move the Earth. As for use in a sentance? Here ya go. Archimedes used a fulcrum to lift… Full Answer