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What kingdom has mycorrhizae?

The word mycorrhizae refers to a symbiotic partnership that includes both the fungus and the plant kingdom. Mycorrhizal fungi are the fungus kingdom portion. They attach to the plant root of the plant kingdom. The fungus root that results is… Full Answer

How invented fungi?

Fungi (singular = fungus) is a living organism. It was not invented by anybody. Fungi form their own kingdom (Kingdom Fungi) under the domain Eukaryotes. Mushrooms, yeast and mould are examples of fungi. Full Answer

What is Eumycota?

It is a eukaryotic organism (aka, Fungus) that is a member of the kingdom Fungi, and is an heterotrophic organism possessing a chitinous cell wall. Full Answer

Does fungi cause Lyme disease?

Yes,Because Fungi are classified within their own kingdom - The Kingdom Fungi, while some are in The Kingdom Protista. A fungus is neither a plant nor an animal. It is similar to a plant, but it has no chlorophyll and… Full Answer