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Two way fungibility?

The two way fungibility means that the Depository Receipts (ADRs/GDRs) can be converted into underlying shares & underlying shares can be converted into Depository Receipts. Every Depository Receipt has underlying shares backing it. The Depository Receipt is issued & traded… Full Answer

Match each of the terms below with an example that fits the term afungibility the production of gasoline binelasticity the switch from coffee to tea cnon-excludability the provision of national?

A. Fungibility - The production of potatoes B. Elasticity - The demand for jewelry C. Non-excludability - The provision of a public good D. Substitution - The switch from white bread to wheat bread APEX A. Fungibility a-Production of rice… Full Answer

What are some 11 letter words that end in ITY?

abnormality, adorability, affectivity, amenability, amicability, analyticity, antigravity, antiobesity, aromaticity, atypicality, bankability, bearability, bellicosity, biconcavity, biconvexity, biddability, bioactivity, bisexuality, capillarity, cardinality, castability, catholicity, cellularity, circularity, coilability, colinearity, commonality, communality, conjugality, conspicuity, coplanarity, corporality, credibility, criminality, criticality, culpability, cyclicality, deniability, diaphaneity, diffusivity… Full Answer

What are some words end with the suffix -ity?

abnormality absorbability absorptivity absurdity acceptability accessibility acclivity accountability acerbity acidity acridity actability activity actuality acuity adaptability adaptivity additivity addressability adiposity adjustability admirability admissibility adoptability adorability adversity advisability aeroelasticity affability affectivity affinity affordability agility agreeability alacrity algidity alienability alkalinity allergenicity alterability… Full Answer

List of Latin words deum with English derivatives?

Latin nouns and adjectivesCitation formDeclining stemMeaningEnglish derivativeacerbusacerb-bitteracerbicacētumacēt-vinegaraceticaedificiumaedifici-buildingedificealaceralacr-quickalacrityalbusalb-whitealbino, albumaliusali-otheralias, alienanimaanim-soul, lifeanimal, animateanimusanim-mind, angeranimosityannusann-yearannual, annuityānserānser-gooseanserineaquaaqu-wateraquamarine, aquaticaudāxaudāc-brave, boldaudaciousaurisaur-earauralavisavi-birdavian, aviarybellumbell-warantebellum, bellicose, belligerencebonus - melior - optimusbon- - melior- - optim-good - better - bestbonus - ameliorate - optimistbōsbov-cow, oxbovinebutyrumbutyr-butterbutyriccalxcalc-stonecalculuscaniscan-dogcanid, caninecervīxcervīc-neckcervical, cervixcīviscīv-citizencivil, civilianclāviculaclāvicul-little keyclavicleconiūnxconiug-spouseconjugalcornūcorn-hornCapricorn, unicorndeusde-goddeity… Full Answer