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What are groups of stars that form in the sky?

Apparent groupings of stars, as seen from Earth, are called "constellations". On the other hand, stars really form groups called "star clusters", and larger groups called "galaxies", "galaxy clusters" (groups of galaxies - we are in the "Local Group"), and… Full Answer

What are superclusters?

Superclusters are large groups of smaller galaxy groups and clusters and are among the largest structures of the cosmos. They can contain up to 50 galaxies and thousands of clusters. Full Answer

Is super cluster bigger than the galaxy?

Yes. Galaxy clusters are clusters of galaxies and therefore larger than individual galaxies. Superclusters are clusters of galaxy clusters and so are larger then galaxy clusters. Filaments are collections of superclusters and are the largest known structures in the universe. Full Answer

What is an globular cluster galaxy?

A globular cluster (without "galaxy") is a large group of stars, in form of a sphere, within a galaxy. A galaxy may have thousands of such clusters. I am not sure whether the term "globular cluster galaxy" has any meaning… Full Answer

What is bigger than a galaxy cluster?

The visible universe. I'm a bit of a space buff and to my knowledge there aren't any celestial structures that are larger than a galaxy cluster. The only one I've come upon is the visible universe itself. I could be… Full Answer