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Who were members of the band RDB?

The band GDB consists of three brothers, namely: Kuly Sikh, Manj Sikh, and Surj Sikh. These brothers were originally club DJs from the UK, came together to form a "Punjabi DJ" set. They have played worldwide in places such as… Full Answer

What are used for core dump analysis?

a core dump is a snap shot of the memory when the program hung or crashed. it usually contains details like the program counter the stack pointer the program state etc. On a unix like machine the core dump can… Full Answer

How do you use kitserver?

If you have already downloaded kitserver, extract it into your pro evolution (or winning eleven) game foler, for eg. C:\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evoltuion Soccer 6 so you will end up having a folder called 'kitserver' there. Open the folder, i.e C:\Program… Full Answer

What are the features of rtlinux?

Deterministic Realtime: RTLinux™ supports realtime interrupt handlers and realtime periodic tasks with interrupt latencies and scheduling jitter close to hardware limits. RTLinux reliably give worst case interrupt latencies of less than 15 microseconds on a standard x86 PC, with better… Full Answer

What does a guide dog cost?

Many programs like Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Seeing Eye do not charge for guide dogs. They are heavily subsidized by donations and may just require a small fee. Some programs charge up to $20,000 for service dogs.Approximately… Full Answer

What is a core dump in Unix?

While I'm not familiar with any Unix OS that creates files named core.dmp (Unix systems do not typically use 3 letter suffixes), I can speak to the file commonly called just "core". This file gets created when an application performs… Full Answer