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Why do companies set up opinion surveys?

Companies have been using focus groups for decades as a method of finding out how customers respond to products. Opinion surveys are simply a more generalized version of this method of research.

What has the author Manohar D Deshpande written?

Manohar D. Deshpande has written: 'Electromagnetic scattering from a polygonal thin metallic plate using quadrilateral meshing' -- subject(s): Integral equations, Electromagnetic scattering, Computational grids, Electric current, Flat plates, Current density, Method of moments, Surface properties 'Analysis of waveguide junction discontinuities… Full Answer

Who was civil disobedience written by?

"Civil disobedience" is a generalized catch-all term loosely referring to any organized disobedience to any established law, and a method used by demonstrators and advocates of a particular cause to draw the attention of the government (and the media) to… Full Answer

What is a generalized map?

A generalized map represents and allows one to handle subdivided objects. This definition applies to mathematics an refers to a topological model.