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Can complex partial seizures become generalized seizures?

Spreading of the epileptiform (seizure)discharge during complex partial seizures can result in secondary generalization(which means a partial seizure may spread within the brain-a process known as secondary generalization )with a tonic-clonic convulsion(generalized seizures). so yes,complex partial seizures can become generalized… Full Answer

What are symptoms of clonic seizure?

Generalized clonic seizures are rare and seen typically in children with elevated fever. These seizures are characterized by a rapid loss of consciousness, decreased muscle tone, and generalized spasm that is followed by jerky movements. Full Answer

What does a grand-mal seizure consist of?

A generalized tonic-clonic (grand-mal) seizure begins with a loud cry before the person having the seizure loses consciousness and falls to the ground. lasts between two and five minutes. the person may be confused.when he regains consciousness. Full Answer

What causes generalized tonic clonic seizure?

Generalized tonic-clonic seizures are associated with drug and alcohol abuse, and low levels of blood glucose (blood sugar) and sodium. Certain psychiatric medications, antihistamines, and even antibiotics can precipitate tonic-clonic seizures. Full Answer

How can you tell if one is faking a seizure?

I'm assuming the person in question is having a generalized tonic-clonic seizure. First of all, assume that the patient is indeed having a real seizure and keep them as safe as possible from their surroundings as they thrash about. If… Full Answer