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How many saints named George are there?

There are at least 20 saints named George. Here is a partial list: George (23 Apr) George (27 Jul) George Barkworth George Beesley George Bisley George Douglas George Florentius George Gervase George Haydock George Limniotes George Matulaitis George Napper George… Full Answer

Who was the actor that played cookie on the series route 66?

Edward Byrnes was Cookie, but he appeared on 77 Sunset Strip, not Route 66. The actors playing on Route 66 were Martin Milner (as Tod Stiles) and George Maharis (as Buz Murdock). Read more:'Cookie'_in_an_old_tv_series_you_think_it_was_called_route_66._He_was_always_combing_his_hair.#ixzz1RSho8pEk Full Answer