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What has the author Eugen Mogk written?

Eugen Mogk has written: 'Novellistische darstellung mythologischer stoffe Snorris und seiner schule' -- subject(s): Edda Snorra Sturlusonar, Norse Mythology 'Der sogenante zweite grammatische Traktat des Suorra-Edda' 'Germanische Mythologie' -- subject(s): Germanic Mythology 'Germanische Religionsgeschite und Mythologie' -- subject(s): Germanic Mythology… Full Answer

Did Thor originate in Germany?

No. Thor is the god of thunder wielding a hammer in Norse mythology. This is a part of the 'Germanic' mythology practiced in Sweden, Germany, Faores Island, Finland and some other areas. At this origin, peoples were still in tribes… Full Answer

What are Norse legends?

Norse mythology, a subset of Germanic mythology, is the overall term for the myths, legends and beliefs about supernatural beings ofNorse pagans. It flourished prior to the Christianization of Scandinavia, during the Early Middle Ages, and passed into Nordic folklore… Full Answer

Can ragnarok die?

Ragnarok wasn't a god/or a being. In Norse Mythology Ragnarok, was the predestined death of the Germanic Gods. Ragnarok marks the end of the old world and the beginning of the new. Full Answer

What has the author Peter Levenda written?

Peter Levenda has written: 'Sinister Forces-A Warm Gun' 'Unholy alliance' -- subject(s): Germanic Mythology, History, Mythology, Germanic, National socialism, National socialism and occultism, Occultism, Politics and government, Secret societies 'Sinister forces' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Occultism, Political aspects, Political aspects of… Full Answer

How old is Thor?

Thor is from Norse Mythology & Modern Norse mythology as recorded by the Germanic people started in the 1st century AD. Norse mythology came no earlier than the migration period of the 4th century AD in Icelandic regions. The Marvel… Full Answer