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Is goading a noun or verb?

The word 'goading' is a verb, the present participle of the verb 'to goad'. The present participle of the verb is also an adjective and a gerund, a verbal noun.Examples:Verb: He was goading the stubborn sheep through the gate.Adjective: We… Full Answer

What does goading mean?

A goad was sharp stick a herdsman used to drive cattle, so 'goading' means inciting, or driving forward. It is usually used to mean to provoke someone to do something. John goaded Fred into fighting Paul. Full Answer

Compound word for dare?

Dare compound words : DAREDEVIL : an entertainer or adventurer who attempts dangerous stunts or similar risky activities DARESAY : Making a statement that assumes or presumes, e.g. "I daresay it will be raining before we finish." DOUBLE DARE… Full Answer

Why did Jack the Ripper murder?

Since Jack The Ripper was never caught it is difficult to say what his personal reasons were for his crimes. But from what is known about these kinds of killers makes it safe to assume he follows certain patterns. The… Full Answer