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Is Jesus our God?

Jesus the Christ is our God (the Christian's God) as well as God the father and God the Holy Spirit. God is a triune God, that is He is in three persons. Jesus is God the Son, the second Person… Full Answer

Is god a men?

Remember there are three parts of god..God the father, God the son, And god the holy spirit. God the father is in heaven, god the son was jesus..And he was a man. god the holy spirit is a spirit. so… Full Answer

How is god present in Jesus?

Christians believe that God (Yahweh) is in three Persons. God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. No matter which One you are speaking about, that One is God and so God is present in Jesus… Full Answer

Is sita a god?

No. Sita is not a god. Or maybe Sita is a god, but a false god. There is only one true God. And that is the Father in heaven. Full Answer