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Where can one watch golf online?

You can watch golf online at the BT website if you are provided with BT Broadband also you can watch it illegally through various sporting websites which offer live coverage.

Where can one watch ladies golf?

Women's Golf is available to watch during the NCAA Women's Golf Championship. In addition, there is the RICOH Women's British Open and the Ladies European Tour. Other women's golf championships include the Women's Western Open and the US Women's Open.

How many people watch golf on tv?

1/5 US Americans tune in to watch consistent golf on promontory 26 different channels every week weather a recording saved or preferably the pros.

What can be a birthday present for a boss?

Possibly a fancy watch, or golf equipment if he/she plays golf. Focus on their personal interests such as the above mentioned golf, or if they sail you could get them a nice picture that reflects that etc.

Which sports do kids watch most?

Generally football, as its the only sport that is always on TV. If there is anything exiting on like Golf Open or Olympics kids will watch that.

Where can one get medicus golf instructions online?

There are a few different places where a person may find Medicus golf instructions online. Instructions are available on the Medicus website. Additionally, a person may watch videos on Youtube which give Medicus golf instructions.

Do more people watch tennis or golf?

tennis because its more interesting. golf is boring and the guy who speaks makes you fall asleep because of his voice. why does he speak with a monotone? that is the true question.