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Are guns always bad?

Actually, guns are neither good nor bad. They are simply a bit of machinery. They can be used for good or bad reasons, to do good or bad things. By good or bad PEOPLE. Full Answer

Is good bad?

Being good is not bad, and being bad is not good! Wikicom is good and bad. Good because it's interesting, challengingand you learn stuff; bad because you spend too much time on the site. Full Answer

Are humans bad or good?

There both. You see in life you have good people,and then you have bad people,Then you have people that are bad until they turn good, then you have the people that are good until you turn them bad. Full Answer

Why is gun a bad thing?

A gun is a bit of machinery. It is neither good nor bad. It can be USED to do both good and bad things by people, but it is the PEOPLE that are good or bad- not the gun. Full Answer