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How can I find a Freemason now?

You can contact the Freemasons in your area by doing a Google search for "Masonic Grand Lodge" of your state, province, or country. You can contact the Grand Lodge or search the Grand Lodge for a Lodge in your area. Full Answer

Who is the president of freemason?

Freemasonry is not organized like that. Generally, the masonic lodges in one country or part of a country are grouped together into Grand Lodges. So, there is a Grand Lodge of Victoria, in Australia, and a Grand Lodge of North… Full Answer

What is an irregular masonic lodge?

Let's start be defining a Regular Lodge, then look at ones that aren't. As stated in the related link, listed below: TYPES OF FREEMASON LODGES What is a "Regular" Masonic Lodge? Regularity is the process by which individual Grand lodges… Full Answer

Who is the only Texas grand lodge officers?

There are three regular Masonic Grand Lodges in Texas. The Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM and the Texas Prince Hall Grand Lodge. This is the result of hundreds of years of segregation between black and white Masons. In 2005, both… Full Answer

Who is the head of freemason?

Freemasons are organized into Lodges, and those Lodges belong to Grand Lodges. The leader of each Lodge is called the Master and the leader of the Grand Lodge is called the Grand Master. There is, usually, one Grand Lodge per… Full Answer