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What are colony stimulating factors?

Certain drugs used in treating cancer reduce the body's ability to fight infections. Although colony stimulating factors help restore the body's natural defenses, the process takes time. Getting prompt treatment for infections is important.

What is the classification of erythropiotin?

Erythropoietin is an erythrocyte colony stimulating growth factor. In other words, it helps your body replenish its supply of red blood cells. This is useful in certain anemic patients and in some cancer patients being treated with various types of… Full Answer

What are the treatments for Barth Syndrome?

Is there any treatment? There is no specific treatment for Barth syndrome. Bacterial infections caused by neutropenia can be effectively treated with antibiotics. The drug granulocyte colony stimulating factor, or GCSF, can stimulate white cell production by the bone marrow… Full Answer

What endocrine gland is the follicle stimulating hormone released from?

hypothalamus controls pituitary gland hormones by releasing its hormones namely growth hormone releasing factor ,somatostatins,cortical releasing factor,thyroid releasing factor, prolactin releasing factor,prolactin release inhibiting factor.,gonadotrophin releasing factor, etc. thus the released gonadotrophin acts on pituitary gland , .pituitary is endocrinally… Full Answer

Is a mast cell a granulocyte?

No, Mast Cells are not granulocytes. The terms "granulocyte" and "agranulocyte" refer to circulation cells. Masts cells, though they have granules, are found in tissues- not the circulation.

What is esinophils?

Eosinophils are one kind of white blood cells. they particularly belong to the granulocyte group. WBCs are grouped into two: granulocyte and agranulocytes. under granulocytes you have basophils, neutrophils and eosinophils. under agranulocytes you have lymphocytes and monocytes.