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What is grass count noun or mass noun?

The noun grass is a mass noun. The noun grass is described in terms of some grass, covered in grass, a patch of grass, a field of grass, a blade of grass or blades of grass. The plural form, grasses… Full Answer

What is Poaquatica?

Poaquatica is a genus of grass of different species. Some of the common ones include spear grass, meadow grass, June grass and Kentucky blue grass among others. Full Answer

Is grass seedless?

Grass is not seedless. Grass seed is planted to grow grass. We do not see grass seed on our lawn because we are constantly mowing or trimming the grass before flowers and seeds are created. If grass is allowed to… Full Answer

What is goat grass?

Grass that goats eat. Goat grass is a variety of grass from Europe that was introduced to the Americas. Thes seeds from goat grass are pointed and sharp and can cause injury to livestock that eat it. Full Answer

Is grass asexual?

Grass is both asexual and sexual. Some grass will product new grass along its stem. This is asexual reproduction. Other grass will grow from seed and this would be sexual reproduction. Full Answer

What is ever green grass?

It is called ever green grass. Grass that is rich and has no chemicals or pollutents.this grass is not effected by oil, natural gas or coal. It is the freash grass that is a friend with renewable resources. Full Answer