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What does the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission do?

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission regulates activity related to the great outdoors, conservation and parks of the state of Nebraska. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission also provides information about fishing, hunting and jobs to consumers.

What has the author Everett D Stark written?

Everett D. Stark has written: 'Nature of value, with criticisms of current opinions on the money question' -- subject(s): Currency question 'Bimetallism and the Royal Commission \\' -- subject(s): Bimetallism, Currency question, Great Britain, Great Britain. Gold and Silver Commission

What has the author Jerry Rankin written?

Jerry Rankin has written: 'Spiritual warfare' -- subject(s): Spiritual warfare, Spiritual life, Christianity 'In the secret place' -- subject(s): Meditations, Bible 'Great Commission obedience' -- subject(s): Missions, American Sermons, Evangelistic work, Southern Baptist Convention, Great Commission (Bible), Sermons 'To the… Full Answer