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What is a frapp?

A Frappe is any partly frozen beverage. It can be made with coffee, fruit or other ingredients. Check out the delicious line of frappe blender mixes at: Full Answer

What kind of drink is a liqueur coffee?

A liqueur coffee is a coffee drink mixed with a shot of liqueur. Irish coffee is one of the well known liqueur coffee, which is coffee with Irish whisky. Other than that, Bailey's coffee, Brandy coffee, French coffee, and Whisky… Full Answer

What is coffee shop or coffee house?

Coffee shop or coffee house is usually a place when you can order cup of coffee and sit with your friends. Also, depending on coffee shop, you can buy certain coffee blends there. For example, some coffee shops just serve… Full Answer

What is the preposition for coffee?

The word coffee is a noun, for the drink, the necessary beans, or the plants they grow on. Several prepositions can be used with coffee as an object (in coffee, of coffee, from coffee), but notably "over coffee" (taking place… Full Answer

How would you describe coffee?

Coffee can be described as a beverage that consists of an infusion of ground coffee beans. Coffee can also be described as a seed of the coffee tree that is ground to make coffee. Full Answer