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What color is green tea?

The tea bag is green. The tea itself looks like regular tea, but lighter. The smell is different. Pure Japanese green tea is a very light green. It depends on what type of green tea you buy. I drink the… Full Answer

Is jasmine pearl tea green tea?

Yes, jasmine pearl tea is normally green tea, but it can also be white or (less commonly) Chinese black tea. Green is more common and easy to find. If a vendor does not specify whether it is green or white… Full Answer

How many calories does green tea have?

The amount of calories contain in green tea will vary depending on what type it is. Both loose and bagged green tea have zero calories. Powdered green tea has about 30 calories and bottled green tea has between 60 and… Full Answer

Is green tea extract healthy to drink?

Green tea extract is healthy to drink. It has been published that green tea extract helps to prevent esophagus cancer. Research also shows that green tea extract helps to reduce cholesterol. There are many more advantages to drinking green tea… Full Answer