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What does gross motor skills mean?

The unpracticed level of general abilities that a person possesses. A person can walk, open a door and close it, sit in a chair, all with gross motor skills. Fine motor skills involve precision and practice, from doing a snowboard… Full Answer

Define physical development?

This is the development of a child's physical skills. It includes the Gross motor skills, such as walking, jumping, running, catching and the fine motor skills such as the pincer grip, hand-eye-coordination, doing up laces or zips.

What is hikuta?

Hikuta is a method of self-defense that uses the startle reflex, gross motor skills close combat moves. People are born with the startle reflex and gross motor skills thus Hikuta doesn't take long to learn, it's just a matter of… Full Answer

What does the hand do?

The hand is for holding objects, moving things around, preforming fine motor skills or gross motor skills, for feeling with light touch or heavy touch, feeling temperature like hot and cold, and even where the hand is in space.

Should you take Kickboxing or Jujitsu or both Im 510 at 170pounds i want to learn self defense so i could protect my self in the streets and my friend told me it is a good exercise?

These martial arts have their place in a sports venue, but they are not very effective self-defense systems unless you are an advanced practitioner. The best self-defense systems are non-traditional eclectic systems that utilize gross motor skills. All the traditional… Full Answer