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What are the aspects of Pythagoras theorem?

There are 19 various aspects of Pythagoras theorem. Pythagorean Theorem (1) Pythagoras Theorem(2) Pythagorean Theorem (3) Pythagorean Theorem (4) Pythagoras Theorem(5) Pythagorean Theorem(6) Pythagrean Theorem(7) Pythagoras Theorem(8) Pythagorean Theorem (9) Hyppocrates' lunar Minimum Distance Shortest Distance Quadrangular Pyramid (1) Quadrangular… Full Answer

What makes clay hairy?

Clay get's hairy when you leave it outside for a long time and it get's moldy.But it get's moldy in a special way and turns hairy!!! Clay can also turn hairy if you cut your hairy and glue it on… Full Answer