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How does Laetres die in Hamlet?

Laertes annoints his sword in order to poison Hamlet, however at somepoint in the match (after Laertes poisons Hamlet, but before Hamlet is killed by the poison), Laertes and Hamlet switch swords and Hamlet also poisons Laertes. Full Answer

Why does the king send Hamlet to England?

Claudius is concerned that Hamlet knows the truth about how he killed King Hamlet and has been watching Hamlet since he killed the king. When Hamlet kills Polonius he sees how unstable Hamlet is and that he can not take… Full Answer

Who killed himself in Hamlet?

No one in Hamlet had committed suicide. Hamlet had contemplated suicide, but he never acted. Hamlet accidentally killed Polonius. Hamlet changes the papers and gets Rosencrantz and Guildenstern killed when they arrive in England. Gertrude drinks from a cup poisoned… Full Answer