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Where does the surname third come from?

Thrid old english, french,anglo english third,thirde, thread, early 1066, kent, hants, london, smithfield, dundee 1600, banff 1650 they were regional at that time, still in the same locations. Jock thirde 1937 aberlour out of dundee Full Answer

What are England's most expensive villages?

According to a 2008 survey in the Telegraph newspaper, the most expensive towns in England and their average house prices are; 1. Beaconsfield, Bucks (£684,474) 2. Gerrards Cross, Bucks (£663,959) 3. Amersham, Bucks (£545,097) 4. Ascot, Berks (£525,335) 5. Lyndhurst… Full Answer