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What illness or disease affects the fascia of the body?

Adhesions Adhesive capsulitis Benign joint hypermobility syndrome Calcific tendinitis Cardiac tamponade Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cellulitis Compartment syndrome Constrictive pericarditis Dermatomyositis Dupuytren's contracture Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Eosinophilic fasciitis Fibromyalgia Hemopneumothorax Hemothorax Hernia Marfan's syndrome Meningitis Mixed connective tissue disease Myofascial pain syndrome… Full Answer

What is thoracentesis?

Thoracentesis/thoracocentesis (aka Pleural Fluid Sampling) is a diagnostic or therapeutic surgical procedure that is used to treat a pneumothorax or pleural effusion. The procedure requires that a doctor uses a needle or catheter tube, which is inserted into the space… Full Answer

Do dogs get concussions?

Yes, dogs can get concussions. The following article, Head Trauma in Dogs, can be found here: This was posted October 28, 2008. Head trauma is a blunt or penetrating injury occurring to the head. In dogs it may occur… Full Answer